For German magazine Design Report I made portraits of several upcoming Dutch Designers.
Marcel Wanders was one of them, he was on the brink of becoming a star. He was happy to be interviewed by the magazine which is renowned in the Design industry. I came into his studio halfway the interview and introduced myself. ‘Never heard of you’ he said. And then he asked: ‘Why should I have my picture taken by a photographer that I don’t know?’ And to the interviewer: ‘I have perfect photos here, made in my own studio, that you can use for free.’
I didn’t believe what I heard, but started to unpack my stuff. ‘I have never heard of you either’ I said, ‘but that doesn’t stop me from doing my job.’ He looked up at me, thought for a moment. Then he started to laugh and allowed me to take photos. He did admit afterwards that he liked the images that were published…

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